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RUNFiT- A new approach to fitness
"Track your workouts and vie for the top of the leaderboard!"

My Role: UX designer, UI designer, Researcher

Introducing RUNFiT

Running apps are like New Years resolutions, you stick with them for a week then forget they ever existed. RunFit will provide a new outlook for your fitness journey. With RunFit you’re not just running to stay fit, you’re running to be the best. Incorporating a leader board experience will let the user compete with their friends and other users alike. This new competitive edge will keep the user coming back and keep them at their very best!

The challenge: Running apps are becoming stale, there’s about a dozen popular ones on the App Store and they all do the same thing. Our mission is to gamify the running experience. For most people running is a grueling task. We want to make running fun and something you look forward to doing.

Defining The User

The primary method of collecting user insights was through google forms. Users were asked to answer a short 15 question quiz. Links to the google form were posted all over social media from Instagram to popular reddit communities. Some of the questions included in the survey include:

1) What is your primary focus when it comes to exercise? 

2) How consistently do you use fitness apps? 

3) Have you ever downloaded a fitness app just to stop using it a few weeks late? If yes, why? 

4) What features would you like to see implemented in a fitness app? 

Key Takeaways: 

1) Most people described their lifestyle as being sedentary.

2) Most users use their phones to track their exercise rather than using wearable tech. 

3) The most popular reasons behind working our were for improving mental health and aesthetics. 

4) Users consider being able to effectively track progress as being the most important feature.

User Personas:

Component 5 – 1.png
Component 3 – 1.png

The user personas are designed to encapsulate the main demographics which filled out the survey.

Analyzing The Competition

The fitness industry is oversaturated with applications. There’s an abundance of products which do the same thing but with different names. What sets competitors apart from one and other is their branding.

Direct Competitors 


2.Nike Run Club

3.Map My Run 

4.ASICS RunKeeper

Indirect Competitors




Indirect competitors are those still within the fitness space but don’t specifically cater to runners. MyfitnessPal promotes health through nutrition, Pacer encourages their users to walk more ditching their sedentary lifestyles, and Strong helps users track their strength building journey in the gym. 

Proposed Solution

Create a leaderboard that ranks runners based on the number of miles they have run, you can use a simple ranking system. Here’s an example of how it might work:
Create a list of all the runners and their total number of miles run.
Sort the list in descending order based on the number of miles run.
Assign a rank to each runner based on their position on the list. The runner with the most miles run is ranked first, the runner with the second most miles is ranked second, and so on.
Promote the top 5 runners by increasing their rank by one. For example, if the top 5 runners are ranked 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, their new ranks would be 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
Demote the bottom 5 runners by decreasing their rank by one. For example, if the bottom 5 runners are ranked 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20, their new ranks would be 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19.
This system allows you to easily track the progress of each runner and identify the top performers. You can update the rankings on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly, to ensure that the leaderboard reflects the most current data.

Low Fidelity Sketches

Design System

The design for Runfit is heavily inspired by the Nintendo NES console. I think the spirit of Runfit perfectly encapsulates the competitive nature of old Nintendo games. I want users to think of this app as a "game". The design choices will make it feel as though they are back to being kids playing Super Mario Bros after school.

Color and Typography.png

High Fidelity Mockups



The homepage allows the user to easily view their rankings on each leaderboard.  The top 3 most active runners are displayed on pedestals to serve as fuel for the user to take their spot!

Run Page

I wanted to keep this interface simple. The user is able to track their running metrics while also being able to see the direction of their run through the map.

HomePage-Hifi – 2.png
HomePage-Hifi – 1.png

Profile Page

The profile page is your one shop stop for everything related to your progress.  Here you can access which "league" or rank you currently are.  You can view your previous runs, and view your running metrics in greater detail.

Wrap Up

By conducting this case study, I was able to better understand what drives motivation in a user. Nobody wants to quit midway through a journey they’ve committed themselves to. A lack of drive and withering incentives can eventually lead you to halt that journey. With RunFit, I want to give users a reason to keep going.

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